Taisske Kinoshita  Biography

  • 1978 Taisske Kinoshita was born in Yokohama, Japan.
  • 2000 He decided to become Artist with an ambition of great contribution for Art.
  • 2004 He traveled cities of Art in Europe and U.S.
  • 2005/7 He created the portrait sculpture “the Promise” in the summer session of The Florence Academy Of Art.
  • 2005-2008 He enrolled at the regular program in The Florence Academy Of Art  with the recommendation of Robert Bodem ,The sculpture director of The Florence Academy Of Art .
  • 2008/6 He was invited as an artist in International Festival of EcoCulture,EkoSusak2008 in Croatia.
  • 2008/9 DEA Gallery, Florence, Italy-The first solo exhibition,Rebirth I will go with you
  • 2009/2 Galleria’d Arte SPAGNA,Florence -The solo exhibition ,Questi Sogni.
  • 2009/12 He started to teach the private drawing course  in DEA Gallery and the state museums in Florence.
  • 2010/4 He received the sponsorship for his artistic work from Lon B.Isaacson and Lon B.Isaacson Associates An Affiliation including a Professional Law Corporation.
  • 2011/2  He completed the bust of Lon B.Isaacson,the private collection of Lon B.Isaacson Associates(3435 Wilshire Boulevard; Suite 2910
    Los Angeles, Ca. 90010-2015).
  • 2012/6 Galleria d’Arte Civico 69 solo exhibition-Dangerous Symbol
  • 2012/11-12 Coronari 111 Art Gallery – Rome The group exhibition-Portrait and Soul
  • 2013/1-2 Coronari 111 Art Gallery – RomeThe group exhibition- The Night and The City
  • 2013/6   Parallax Art Fair in London
  • 2013 /12 He was awarded “Artisti premiati/Award winning artists” at Satura Prize2013 of SATURA art gallery
  • 2013/12 SATURA art gallery The painting solo exhibition-Touch My Flame
  • 2015/4 Galleria Via Larga Palazzo Medici Riccardi in Florence-
  • 2018/8 The drawing is purchased by CEO of  Campomarzio70 | The essential culture
  • 2018/9 Invited as an artist to the inauguration of Campomarzio70 | The essential culture
  • 2018/9 Invited as an artist to the inauguration of Corte Calzaiuoli

    The drawings are purchased by Corte Calzaiuoli as their collections.



2019~the present/ The permanent collections in Corte Calzaiuoli,Florence Italy